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Girl Power!

Girl Power!

It is all about unity. Sticking together and having each other back. We are living in a crazy mixed up world and we must learn to be there for one another.

If there ever was a time this is now the time to put our differences aside and to come together as one.  Girls have always had the issue of hating on one another and bringing each other down. In this day and time, we need to uplift one another and shine a positive light on each other.  It is ok to compliment your sista when you see her looking good and/or doing something positive. We are each other KEEPER and we have to do right by each other.

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19 thoughts on “Girl Power!

    • It is so lmportant to be yourself and be comfortable and who you are , and being in love with the person that GOd made you. When you understand the gift you are to someone else. You can be in any enviroment and just be yourself. Someones out there is looking for the person God created in you to empower, you are special, and you are someones gift.God bless love youself

    • I truly enjoyed the reading. I can relate oh so well, b/c I’ve been learning just that over the yrs. Its been a journey and well worth it.
      I believe the word of God that says I’m uniquely and wonderfully made!
      I no longer look to society’s standards of my beauty as a black woman…
      I still have a ways to go,but each day I LOVE ME more!!!
      …And I won’t settle for less today.

      • Hello WAG subscribers, I thank you for all the comments, they are an inspiration to everyone who visits WAG. This month we are taking the time to focus on ourselves. Please take the time to get to know yourself & to love yourself. Do something that makes you laugh & become a better you. Remember theres only one you & you only have one life. Live it to the fullest. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different internet address and thought I might check items out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Appear forward to checking out your web page again. daeaefadakdkafde

  1. We must move forward we must not just wish but we must dream dream and make it happen to what about girlz, thank God for the visionary and those who all making it happened it’s time to reach into heaven grab hole to the things that God has shown you and to do it in the Realm of the Spirit. In spite of all oppositions we as women and young ladies we will still rise ! The Bible says write the vision, make it plain
    And he that read it will run with It .We are coming togethet to teach the next generation !Thank God for this wonderful website what about girlz.org

  2. I think this is a good website , it will help mothers and daughters to get a long better and it will also teach young teens like myself to respect theirselves and learn a lot of other differenct things

    • Hello Shakeema,

      God made you special in his eyesight, you are fearfully made. There is only one of you! You do not have to change anything about yourself. Love yourself from within and everyting else will follow. Do something for you, whatever it is that makes you feel good. Spend time with yourself so you can love and appreciate yourself. You cannot love others until you can love yourself. Hold your head high, speak words of encouragement to yourself & walk into your life, your dreams & live each day like its your last. Stay Blessed & please continue to visit WAG!

    • Keep your head up high, looking up to God that made you , and when he made you, he made you beautiful and awesome. You’re in a class by yourself, you are one of his special flowers you are special keep looking up. Your Sister JM survivor

  3. It’s good to see that there are people out there that care and believe, that our young people need our guidance and encouragement; especially in an era where the technology robs our young women and men of who they are. Young women and men alike are special in their own way, but they often needs a positive force to propel them through the difficulties and uncertainties of life, wheather by a mentor, or through positive websites such as WAG. I hope, and strongly encourage a continuity of this website, I believe that our young people can greatly benefit from thisc site, educationally and spriritualy. Great job!

    • I agree with you D.Smith. It takes a village to raise a child& I do believe that we all can make a difference in young women & young men lives. With a little persistence & time we can help the younger generation become positive productive citizens to society. I thank you for the encouraging words. Stay Blessed!

  4. This is the kind of information that all young girls need in life. Having a strong mentor, sharing words of wisdom and encouragement. This is an outstanding website very positive. We applaud you sister for all that you are doing. GOD BLESS you.

  5. Hello everyone January was an awesome month for WAG, I received feedback that helped me pick this month’s topics. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for you. When you love yourself you love life & live each day to the fullest. Please take the time go visit each section, leave a comment & pass WAG website to other girls & mothers. Always love yourself & pray without ceasing!

  6. It is of great importance for us as young ladies to love and celebrate ourselves, because it is impossible for us to love others, until we learn to love ourselves. Always remember to Love and Trust God with all of your heart and Love yourself because your worth it! Peace,Love,Blessings and Joy! KDM

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