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Winter Glow!

How You Can Keep Your Skin Beautiful & Acne-Free in the Summer


This is one of the vital tips all teens should follow essentially. You should include twice to thrice cleansing a day. This helps to clean your pores and removes the dirt from your face. If you do not perform cleansing, then the dirt will get settled on your face and block the pores.

Lotion Benefits:

Using lotions is beneficial to get healthy and perfect skin in teens. Cleansing is important, especially when it comes to removing your makeup. Using sunscreen lotion is helpful to keep away from sunlight. You should use those sunscreen products with SPF 30 and up.


Diet is essential not only to maintain health, but also to retain glowing and clear skin. Often teens tend to fall prey to eating junk foods. You should drink lots of water to keep clear and smooth skin. Try to make water your best friend. Hydrate your body with a lotion.


Exercise is important to maintain good skin. When you exercise, you sweat and this helps to flush out lots of toxins from your body. If these toxins reside in your body, then it will have adverse effects on your skin.

Bottom line:

Now that you’ve read about the tips you should start caring for your skin. Remember that some of the skin issues can turn into serious health problems so bid goodbye to junk foods. If you’ve already got few acne or pimples; do not prick them instead you can use the skin brighteners.

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  1. We are beautiful inside and out !!! They say beauty starts with in , but when being judge by day to day people they look from the outside In ! Don’t be afraid to Glam !!!!

    • you are a beautiful young lady Jessica I love you keep your goals and keep going !you are a beautiful person also inside and outside mommy loves you keep up the good work you can help a lot of young ladies I’m proud Of love God is too. love you mommy

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