Girl Power!

Girl Power! It is all about unity. Sticking together and having each other back. We are living in a crazy mixed up world and we must learn to be there for one another. If there ever was a time this is now the time to put our differences aside and to come together as one.  […]

Winter Glow!

How You Can Keep Your Skin Beautiful & Acne-Free in the Summer Cleansing: This is one of the vital tips all teens should follow essentially. You should include twice to thrice cleansing a day. This helps to clean your pores and removes the dirt from your face. If you do not perform cleansing, then the […]

Healthy Living!

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and well-being. The secret to maintaining a healthy weight is to balance “energy in” and “energy out.” Energy in means the calories you get from the food and beverages you consume. Energy out means the calories you burn for basic body functions and during physical activity. […]

Back to the Basics!

During this time of Remote Learning It’s time to bond with family, friends and enjoy another school year. Reflect on last year test & grades; strive to do better. Take the time to read, write & most of all excel. Always remember excellence is expected! Please leave a comment.


Communication is one of the keys to growth, success, and understanding. So welcome to my website where you can post and read thoughts of other girls & mother’s that may have similar questions & concerns. There‚Äôs a place for every girl & mother to find guidance & understanding. What About Girlz is a place to […]